Friday, May 28, 2010

Apple Iphone 4G

Are the rumors true? Is the iphone 4G really going to be released before the holidays?

The iPhone 4G is Apple's next-generation iPhone, due later this year which is rumored to be named "iPhone HD". Although there is no official release date set for the new iphone 4G, all of the research i've done has pointed to sometime in July. Its cost is probably going to be somewhere around $599.

Features that the new iphone 4G might include are:

A front facing camera, better battery life, a new widget interface for the music player, tethering for AT&T customers and a higher-resolution display. Apple also plans to include some type of video-conferencing that can be used with other iPhone and mac users with iChat. Those are just some of the features i could find that are rumored to be included.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is supposed to address the release date and some more features im sure on June 7 at the Company's Worldwide Developers Donference. Supposedly there might be new contracts signed on the same date to allow Sprint or Verizon to carry the very popular iPhone 4G. So all in all, we should find out when and with what provider the iPhone 4G will be released on June 7th at the WWDC.

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