Sunday, May 30, 2010


    What is FIOS?

    FIOS is a service by Verizon and stands for Fiber Optic Service. It uses fiber optic cables to transmit signals via beams of light which allows for extremely high speeds and bandwidth of data to be sent over the cable.

    Before you can receive FIOS service you must first check with Verizon to make sure it is available in your area and subscribe. Then a technician from Verizon will come to your house set up the fiber connection. This includes running a fiber cable from the pole to your home and mounting a Optical Network Terminal (ONT) to the outside of your house. Then the technician can install the hookups for the TV and connection to the FIOS receiver. The system is then tested for proper functionality.

    Fiber-optic cables transmit data by sending pulses of light through a hair thin optical fiber. The light forms an electromagnetic wave that carries the information. This technology allows for much greater speed, bandwidth and distance. Fiber optics are quickly becoming the primary backbone for all internet and digital TV networks.

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